Welcome To Rapid Remote Services

Providers of Cloud based B2B solutions and top notch IT Services.

We are a highly skilled team of service providers. Providing cloud based B2B solutions and IT services to our remote Business clients. Our team comprises of highly trained professionals with experience in Inventory Management, Accounts management, B2B and B2C solutions development, Web & Software development, Graphic designing, Social media accounts management, Digital marketing, Content creation and Content management. This pool of workforce can be augmented when needed by on-call skilled professional personnel to better deal with an increase in client requirements.

In the modern age keeping your business in the competition means being remotely reachable for your customers and having a prominent digital existence. That’s actually easier said then done and hiring too many people for this is sometimes not possible for a growing business. Our mission is to provide those growing businesses with the proper resources as well as cloud solutions to keep their business operations completely up to date, well accounted for and digitally prominent at a very reasonable price. So they can standout to their customers and grow even better.

We provide cloud based B2B and B2C solutions, Inventory management, accounts management and top notch IT services including  Web & Software development, Graphic designing, Digital Marketing, Social media management and Social media marketing, Content creation and Content management.

Our History

Rapid Remote Services was created in July of 2019 and in just over year of its operational presence in the market Rapid Remote Services started providing the Inventory and Accounts management services and B2B solutions to one “Capra Timber” and is still successfully assisting the aforementioned in conducting their day to day business operations.